What We DO

GG4 is committed to outstanding quality encompassing all market demands for both business and individuals. The problem for hiring driver, alternate driver, purchase and maintenance and fuel for vehicle, all will overcome under GG4. We provide employment visa's, medical insurance, workman compensation and employer liability insurance as well as the full range of benefits to outsourced employees including one month paid leave and air ticket. We are offering competitive delivery contract programs while maintaining incomparable rate. We carefully built up our vehicles to cater all requirements, with objective to "customer satisfaction". While at duty our drivers will be consider as your staff and they will directly answer to you.

We offer a well-diversified range of service including:

  • Long term delivery services contract
  • Short term delivery services contract
  • Long term messenger services
  • Short term messenger services
  • Delivery Services for individuals
  • We Focus

  • Food Chains, Restaurants & Bakeries
  • Food catering companies
  • Financial & Educational institutes
  • Medical institutes
  • Courier & Insurance Companies
  • Services for individuals
  • Other companies required messenger services